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What personal information is collected on this site and why it is collected



If you need to upload pictures to this website, please avoid uploading pictures with embedded EXIF GPS location data, because other users can download pictures from the website and retrieve the location data.

Contact form

After a user posts a message on this website, we will collect the data displayed in the message form, the user’s source IP address, and the user agent string of the browser to help the website detect spam.

This website will return the content of the information filled in by the user to the contact mailbox of JieYuan International Enterprise Co., Ltd. for the management of customer information.


When users post a message on this website, they can choose whether to store the user’s name, email address, and website URL in the cookie; these data are stored for the user’s convenience, so that the user does not need to fill in the personal information again when posting other messages data. If the user does not clear the device cookies by himself, these cookies will remain on the personal device for one year.

If a user visits the login page of this website, the system will set a temporary cookie to determine whether the user’s browser accepts cookies; this cookie does not contain any personal data and will be discarded when the user closes the browser.

After the user logs into the website, the system will set several cookies to store the user’s login information and display item settings; the login information cookie will be retained for two days, and the display item setting cookie will be retained for one year. If the “Keep logged in” setting is checked when logging in, the user’s login status will be maintained for two weeks; after the account is logged out, the login information cookie on the user’s device will be removed.

When a user edits or publishes an article, other cookies are stored in the browser. This cookie does not contain any personal information. It only records the article ID representing the article written by the user, and will expire in one day.

Embedded content from third-party websites

Articles on this website may be embedded with content such as videos, pictures, articles, etc., and embedded content from third-party websites has the same privacy treatment as the rules when users visit these websites.

Regardless of whether the user has an account on these third-party websites or whether they log in to the website, they will collect user-related data in various ways, such as cookies, embedding third-party tracking codes, and monitoring user interaction with embedded content.


User data analysis

Who will share personal data with this website

The personal information on this website is only provided for internal customer management of JASON WU INTERNATIONAL CO., LTD., or in order to provide a better marketing experience, we may use part of the personal information on the third-party marketing service platform, but it is still only for Related marketing services of Jie Yu International Enterprise Co., Ltd.
It will not be used by other companies or third-party companies.

Website contact information

Please refer to the contact us page.

How this website protects personal data

We will set up corresponding HTTPS (SSL) and firewall applications for websites and servers to protect user information as much as possible.

The personal information leakage processing procedures that this website will take

The website will be temporarily closed, and the vulnerabilities of the website will be fixed, and anti-fraud warnings will be issued to our existing customers.